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Los Angeles Hair Transplant
(Sat. Hours Available)

Out of town hair transplant patients

For patients who are interested in having a procedure but live to far to come in for a consultation we can answer your questions and, in most cases, evaluate if you are a candidate without you having to meet Dr. Sean (Behnam) in person.

We begin by having you email us pictures of the area you would like filled as well as pictures of your donor area. Please see that all pictures are clear and well lit and pictures of your donor area should have a comb or your fingers running through it to make sure that we can see your density.

One we have your pictures and Dr. Behnam has had a chance to evaluate them, we can usually handle all questions and arrangements via telephone, skype or face time. For patients who are across the globe the “What’s ” app. has enabled us to have phone conversations free of charge.

We have patient all over the world and today’s technology keeps us connected. So if you are out of state or out of the country but are interested in having a procedure with Dr. Sean (Behnam) start the process by sending pictures to and we will get back to you to answer your questions about your options and how to move forward.


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Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: (888) 443-8424
Fax: (310) 998-3282

Travel Assistance

Dr. Behnam offers travel assistance to those who reside outside California. We will be happy to make this a fun vacation. We like to help with your hotel room, visiting local attractions such as Universal Studio and Hollywood Tour. Dr. Sean also offers 200 Dollars travel allowance to help with the cost of your travel.

Recent Graduates

Dr. Behnam receives many calls from fresh graduating physicians who aspire to become hair transplant surgeons. Please use form above to contact Dr. Behnam directly.