Men’s Medical Hair Loss Solutions

Customized, Rx Strength, Topical Finasteride +  Minoxidil

Solution for Hair Loss 

+Proprietary formula of topical Finasteride + Minoxidl 8% + Reinoic Acid
+All Rx strength ingredients
+Clinically proven to increase hair growth (see clinical studies)
+Compounded prescription and customized just for you
+Delivered to you on monthly basis
+ Developed by Board Certified Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon
+Topical Finasteride has lower sexual side effects in clinical studies than oral Finasteride
+100% support by email and phone by Dr. Behnam in Los Angeles, CA

How Does it Work

+Online consultation with a Dermatologist (free)
+Doctor evaluates the hair loss
+If quality, doctor sends rx to the pharmacy for the topical solution
+Topical formula is customized based on age, sex, and pattern of hair loss
+Topical formula gets shipped out for arrival in 4 to 6 days
+Monthly subscribers get a new bottle monthly

What is the Proprietary formula 

Our formula is a blend of 3 prescription strength medications made by Board Certified Dermatologist  and Hair Transplant physician located in Santa Monica, Ca. It contains the following three active  ingredients.

1. Topical Finasteride

2. Minoxidil 8%

3. Retinoic Acid

The formula is customized and compounded on a monthly basis for our patients. The mix has been shown in clinical study to stimulate hair growth when applied on the scalp. Please click here to see all the original clinical studies. But better yet, look at the testimonial photos and videos of our patients below.

What are the Pros of topical Finasteride +  Minoxidil 8% + Retinoic Acid

+Oral finasteride causes hair growth but has significant side effects of sexual dysfunction, decrease libido, and erectile dysfucntion

+Topical finasteride has clinically proven, evidence-based, scientific data to show its efficacy in growing hair while lowering the risk of  systemic side effects since it is not taken orally

+Topical minoxidil exists over-the-counter as Rogaine. However the strongest version over the counter is 5%. Our formula contains prescription strength 8% minoxidil, for better results.

+Topical Retinoic Acid has been shown in clinical studies to increase the efficacy of minoxidil. In fact, patients using topical minoxidil with retinoinc acid had to only use the medication nonce a day to achieve the same result as regular minoxidil applied twice daily.


Male patient only 3 months after using the topical solution twice a day for generalized thinning.
Female patient only 4 months after using the topical solution twice a day for female pattern hair loss
Male patient only 6 months after using the topical solution twice a day in the crown area.
The balding area is much smaller and there is significant hair growth.
This gentleman has been using it for only six weeks. On the before picture, the scalp is visible and there is a lot of see through. On the after picture, the hairs look stronger, thicker and there is less see through.
This woman saw strong results after only 6 months of usage.
12.5 before after 6 months (1)
The topical version of Finasteride carries a  minimal side effect profile compared to oral Finastride, but has a very similar efficacy.  Combining Minoxidil and Retinoic acid increases efficacy of Minoxidil. Adding Azelaic acid independently also increases the efficacy. These medications are compounded together by a compounding pharmacy in a solution that can be easily applied to the scalp twice a day. Below are some examples.
This woman has been using the solution for a few months. Notice how thicker the hair has become and there is less visible scalp:
This woman has been using the topical medication for four months, Notice how much more hair she has on her forehead and its much thicker:
Since this is a compounded medication, we can easily change the concentration of the medication or remove medications that specifically patients do not want and create a special formula individually for patients. There are 6 variations of the compound depending on many factors. For information about this compounded topical solution, please call the office and set up a consultation with us (310) 315-4989.

How do I start a subscription

+ Do an online consultation with one of our doctors

+If the doctor approves the formula, you fill out a subscription form

+You will receive your first bottle in 4-6 days

What’s the cost

+$75 per bottle
+A new bottle gets shipped out monthly
+No contract
+Cancel any time
+Questions? Email or call the office at 310-315-4989

Clinical Studies

– Article demonstrating that topical Retinoic Acid added to Minoxidil enhances efficacy is HERE.
– Article demonstrating that topical minoxidil plus finasteride can maintain results of oral finasterideHERE
– Article demonstrating that plasma DHT levels reduced by 68-75% by topical finasteride 0.25% compared to 62-72% DHT reduction with oral finasteride 1mg. HERE.
– Article demonstrating that topical finasteride 0.25% reduces scalp DHT while minimizing side effects.  HERE
-Article demonstrating that the therapeutic effects of topical finasteride were similar to oral finasterideHERE.
– Article demonstrating that the efficacy of Minoxidil 5% plus Retinoic Acid  0.1% is much stronger that minoxidil 5% by itself and the efficacy of the combination medication once daily is equivalent to minodixil twice daily. HERE.

You have questions, we have help!

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1. Is this a subscription service?

2. Does it really work? Results vary.

3. Cna i cancel anytime

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