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Dr. Sean Behnam  has been performing hair transplant surgeries since 2008. He is a dedicated hair transplant surgeon.  Below, you can find links to review sites about our practice.

Insider Pages Reviews for Sean Behnam MD

balding attorney
I have been been losing my hair for many years now. I have been looking to do transplants for a while. Didnt know who to trust. I checked out a lot of hair transplant sites and it seems that doctors have to pay to be part of them… I went to various docs, but didnt feel the connection. I Saw Dr Behnam on Fox 11. I was impressed by his work. Im still contemplating soing surgery, but so far i’ve met with dr sean 3 times and it has been going better than expected. He listons to my concerns and every session we have spent about 45 minuted talking about my hair transplant. So far, I think I will go with him…He is more expensive than the average. but quality is more important to me. He gives his direct cell phone to me after the procedure and that make me feel comfortable. So far after 3 meeting with him, he is a 5 star….
abbe G.
At first I was scared and somewhat sceptical of the procedure, but once I went through the process I was surprised and happy that it didn’t leave any marks on my scalp. I feel very happy and satisfied with the doctor and with his team or surgeons. It is very satisfying to see how the result have changed my life and helped me have very high hopes. I am living happier with my life and next to my wife. I would recommend this to anyone who feels insecure or who needs a little bit of a push to go ahead and get this procedure done. It is very professional and with magnificent results. It will bring you happiness and to those around you who walk next to you in life, and this is why I took the chance to say thank you to the doctor for changing my life. In the mean time you should see my photos and the way I have been improving day by day. If you guys have any questions you can email me. I just want to tell you my life now has taken another path with a brighter horizon.
Julio T.
better results
had previous hair transplant by another doc. But had poor result. Came to Dr shawn behnam for 2nd opinion. He did my 2nd procedure. A bit more expensive, but got twice as much hair that the last doctor did. I was inhis office from 7am-6pm. Last time, it only took 2-3 hours. I jyst had my 7 month folowup with dr benham and the results are great. Im very happy. More expensive than other places, but the quality is much better, better results.
Torri H.
Happy Client
I am delighted to write a review for Dr Sean Behnam. Very professional. I had a great experience. I had a hair transplant by a doctor in Oregon 4 years ago. it turned out to be OK, i got 1,200 grafts. I came to see Dr Sean 2 year ago because the transplanted hairs were not dense. He said he would get over 2,000 grafts. he showed me a special scalp excercise and he got over 2400 grafts. It now looks great. He was not pushy and disnt rush me into the procedure. I had to do my scalp excercice for 4 weeks before he scheduled me for the procedure. Im glad i found someone who cares more about patients than just $.
Happy Client
I am delighted wih my hair transplantation
After seeing an advertisment in L A Times, I went to Dr. Behnam clinic for Hair transplantation out of curiosity. I am a senior citizen and did not make any sense for me to do hair transplantation. But, after talking to Dr. Behnam I was so impressed that I decided to go for it. Now I am happy that I did it. I will highly recommend Dr. Behnam, who is a true professional and highly skilled in his profession, to any one who is thinking about hair transplantation.
Suresh S.
the day was long but the doctor and staff were tereffic. I can’t wait to go outside in the sun and not put a lot of lotion on my scalp. Thanks guys , you were wonderful. N.S.
Norm S.
Mr Robert
Dr. Sean Behnam is a very caring and sincere hair transplant specialist who has done my hair transplantation surgery. I’m very happy and pretty satisfied for the results of the procedure. Dr. Ben Behnam who Dr. Sean Behnam’s brother is very accommodating and professional just like Dr. Sean Behnam. They both do a terrific job in helping keep their patients young looking and optimistic. The staff are very courteous, complian, thoughtfult and cooperative that they make me feel welcome everytime I come for laser therapy too. I would recommend Dr. Sean Behnam for hair transplantation and Dr. Ben Behnam for dermatology needs and issues. I so impressed, contented and convinced that I would like to come back for more treatment and hair transplantation surgery with Dr. Sean Behnam that I highly recommmend him to both men and women who needs hair transplantation.
Robert B.
business owner
Dr Behnam performed the hair transplant procedure on me, I was so impressed by his knowledge,experia\ence,precission and down to earth personality.during the procedure. The procedure was almost painless.The next day ,I felt no pain what so ever…….I highly recommend to any one who is intrested
faris j.
I have just completed my hair transplant procedure. I am very pleases with the excellent care received by Dr. Behnam and his staff. Iam looking forward to the hair growth Iam sure will result. Dr. Behnam takes all the time you need to understand the procedure.His patients leave with his personal cell number which enables you to reach at any time
Anastasio T.
Dr. Sean Behnam “The Best of the Best”
As a professional, I am very cautious about who I use for any medical procedure. I was lucky enough to be recommended to Dr. Sean Behnam M.D. He is truly a Master in the Hair transplantation field. Everyting about Dr. Behnams procedures are “State of the art”. His staff of caring, professionals are the best you will find. I had the procedure done very recently and am extremely satisfied.

My transplant procedure was all done on the same day and every thing went perfectly. The entire process was carried out with pin point accuracy. And the best part was that there was Minimal Disconfort. Dr. Sean Behnam is truly “The Best of the Best”

I am a very tough critic and I Recommend him at the highest level.
Doctor Alan B.
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