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Why Choose Dr. Sean Behnam for Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration

It all begins with Dr. Sean’s philosophy: (1) perform only one hair transplant case per day so everyone is focused (2) continuously make changes to improve preop, surgical techniques and post op and (3) follow patients very carefully via visits, phone calls, texts, and FaceTime to ensure those changes lead to better results. Since 2008, Dr. Behnam has done just this, and along with it he has revolutionized the hair transplant industry.  Internationally renowned, he has made so many changes to the practice and you benefit from them. Please also see Changes to the practice of hair restoration, the preop, the post op. For updates on techniques and methods, please follow Dr. Sean on Instagram and YouTube.

  • Dr. Behnam does one of the most free comprehensive hair transplant examinations to accurately calculate the number of hair grafts a patient needs (for accurate costing) and you will always meet with Dr. Behnam 1 on 1
  • You will not get an estimate for number of grafts; you will get an accurate number based on proven method for full density. Please see Consultation page.
  • Either you are a good candidate for hair transplant or not, you will hear his honest opinion; this all depends on the quality of hair on the back of scalp
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) can be used to transplant hairs from other areas such as chest, arms, or legs in case back of scalp is not a good candidate
  • Dr. Behnam dedicates more than 8 hours to each procedure with the goal to provide you great surgical care.
  • We take care of you before, during and after your procedure
  • Dr. Behnam has been named the top 10 doctors by Newsweek magazine and awarded the Compassionate Doctor’s Award and Patient’s Choice Award
  • We stand behind our work and we guarantee that the hair transplant looks natural
  • All of Dr. Behnam’s follow up visits are complimentary
  • Guarantee hair transplant growth in 3 months and will grow 1 inch every 3 months. By the 10 to 12 months, you will see about 2 to 3 inches of hair growth
  • No hidden fees. We present you with all the cost at the consultation. We do not overcharge or have any surprise charges on the day of the procedure

Why Choose Dr. Sean Behnam as your Los Angeles Hair Transplant Surgeon?​

  1. Hair Loss & Hair Transplant Education: Dr. Sean explains the causes of hair loss along with the medical and surgical options that are available.
  2. Microscopic Hair Analysis: Using a video microscope, Dr. Sean analyzes the thinning areas as well as the donor area. He will determine whether your donor hair are strong and whether you are a good hair transplant candidate.
  3. Hair Density Calculation: Dr. Sean calculates the density (number of grafts per centimeter) and determines how many grafts he can remove in one session (this applies to strip method only).
  4. Hair Mapping: Dr. Sean maps out how many centimeters of balding areas are needed to be covered on top of the scalp and the number of grafts that are needed. This along with total number of removable grafts from the donor area will determine how much of the balding areas can be covered in a single session.

Dr. Sean has mastered the F.U.E. procedure: He has done thousands of cases since the beginning days of FUE. He designs and engineers his own instruments. Please see FUE page for more details. In short, the benefit of FUE is as follows: 

  • No linear incision
  • No scalpel
  • No staples
  • No sutures
  • Rapid recovery
  • Minimal downtime

This technique is so unique that only a handful of hair transplant doctors perform it. Dr. Sean has been featured on ABC news and Buzzfeed (over 7.5 million views) performing this procedure.

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