Los Angeles hair transplant expert explores using LED lights to increase graft survival during hair restoration

Hair Transplants using specially engineered LED lights for microscope.

Advancing the science of hair transplant through automation and innovation is directly related to making hair transplant also more affordable.

We have succeeded in many areas by innovation and investing in right places.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Cost
This example demonstrates the importance of using the highest quality instruments and microscopes. We have the technology of dissecting and transplanting grey hairs without damaging them.

Dr. Sean has spent a great amount of time researching graft survival rate and making improvements in equipment that effect better hair transplant results. We are very excited about these achievements. For many years the field of hair transplant  has been struggling with what’s called “external stressors “.

“External Sensors” such as heat and other environmental factors can damage hair transplantation  grafts and decrease graft survival once they are cultivated. From science and experiments we know that heat can be a definite threat to graft survival. In simple terms, graft survival means the patient ultimately gets more hair. On average every hair transplant case is about 2000 to 3000 hair grafts and each graft cost about $3. Increasing grafts survival from 95 percent to 99 percent means cost savings around $500 for each patient.

How we increase graft survival

For many years scientist have known that LED lights do not emit heat compared to other lighting methods. Lights are used with the microscopes at the time of dissecting or separating each individual hair transplantation follicle. For many years finding microscopes that use only LED light and meet hair transplant criteria has been a significant challenge.  We took it opon ourselves  to rectify this obstacle by using custom-made LED lights.

Hair Transplant Cost Los Angeles
Custom-made LED lights installed on all of microscopes used during hair trasnplantation.

We have customized our microscopes to use light sources (LED) that emit no heat so grafts are not exposed to heat while being separated. Thus removing a key stressor. The best news is that we have also changed the medical exam light. We have also use an LED medical exam light so the grafts are not exposed to heat while being placed in the recipient sites. Dr. Sean pays attention to every detail to ensure that the patient has the best result possible.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Cost
Custom-made medical exam light uses only LED lights, which does not emit any heat

New Petri Dishes

Keeping valuable hair transplantation grafts at a constant low temperature throughout the entire hair transplant process has been a challenge for many hair transplant surgeons.

Many Hair Transplant cases can take between 10 to 12 hours of operation. The current standard in the industry is that a special petri dish cooler is used to keep the grafts cool. However, due to its inferior design, the grafts are kept between 12 to 15 degrees Celsius and the temperature changes as the ice within it melts.  This is really not good!

We undertook the challenge of redesigning this cooler.

We have come up with a special design such that the temperature is kept at 2 to 3 degrees Celsius and there isn’t much variation, even when the ice melts.   This is a much superior design that we feel produces better results..

Our new petri dish design, which is currently patent pending, will enable a continuous adequate temperature for grafts throughout the entire procedure.  This means more cost savings for the hair transplant candidates.

My Philosophy:

My goal as a dedicated hair transplant surgeon is to provide my patients with the best possible hair transplant results at the most affordable cost. I only perform one case a day so I can put my 100% attention to make sure everything goes well and the patient gets a superior result. I have assembled a dedicated staff and we all emphasize on one patient a day. This is our Golden Rule!

Besides what I have described above, I consider every patient a family member. In conclusion I like to numerate what we have accomplished as innovative factors for our patients in the past:

  1. Implementation of a temporary and innovative surgical tape that is used on the scalp after every transplant.  This surgical tape eliminates swelling around the face which can also reduce patient downtime significantly.
  2. Modified cleaning and washing method. This method also allows better graft survival.
  3. Use of an innovative massager and vibration technique that reduces discomfort during the procedure.
  4. Developed a method that almost eliminates bruising after the procedure.
  5. Developed a technique that eliminates ingrown hair after FUE procedures.
  6. Devised a utensil used in creating sites during eyebrow transplants.
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