Importance of conservative hair line design for long-term naturalness and age-appropriateness

The before and after of this gentleman are 10 years after his hair restoration. He had 2,083 number of grafts done with a diamond-shape design pattern that is based on his facial features. Please notice how even after 10 years, the hair transplant still looks very natural and it frames his face very well. He’s currently in his 60’s.

Unfortunately, these days, I see a lot of hair restoration that is done poorly. A lot of these gentlemen are younger and the practitioners never really tell them that they’re going to significantly lose their hair in the future. Thus, very low hair line are designed on the forehead. As these gentlemen grow older and they lose more and more hair, these low hairline does not look natural, they look unnatural. They do not look age-appropriate. As they lose more hair, they require more transplant grafts. Unfortunately, because of this low hair line during their first session, a tremendous high amount of grafts are used, they run out of grafts. This leads to a serious disfigurement of the face. People become truly depressed about how they look, I see this all the time.

More importantly, the design of this low hair line is made using a laser device that constructs the hair line in a very straight, round fashion. This is not based one’s own facial features, also, this is not natural or age-appropriate as one gets older. Natural and age-appropriate hair line design is a diamond-shaped pattern with the temples of the hair line being parallel on the same plane as the lateral part of the eyes. This is what people view as conservative and natural.

In the United States, hair lines are viewed very conservatively. Hair line height should be about 8 cm – 9 cm from the level of the eyebrow. The Temple of the hair line that blends into the side of the hair should have a V-shaped pattern. This is what people see as natural and adequate framing of the face. Round, low hair lines are not viewed naturally as one gets older, further, it over utilized a tremendous amount of grafts. Please note that you will keep losing more and more hair and require more and more transplants in the future. In this photo, this gentleman had a hair transplant in his 50’s and by his 60’s, he had lost significant amount of hair behind it. Luckily for him, the design that we had made was very natural, conservative and age-appropriate. So even though he is not a candidate for hair restoration any longer, but the fact that the transplant was made so naturally, it frames his face very nicely, it’s not required to have any work done.

I, Dr. Sean Behnam, had studied facial framing of the face on over thousands of people. I had taken a lot of art classes and done a lot of drawing. I have a very good visual understanding of what naturalness and framing of the face is supposed to be. I spent hours designing the hair line. Even on the day of the hair restoration, I sit in front of you and keep looking at it to make sure that the left side and the right side of the hair line naturally frames the face, blends nicely, and is age-appropriate for you.

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