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Hair Cloning Los Angeles

Santa Monica Hair Transplant Specialist discusses Cloning Hair Follicles: I (Dr. Sean Behnam)have been receiving multiple questions about how cloning. Hair cloning has been the subject of many studies and is followed closely by many who are suffering from male and female pattern hair loss Loss. As a hair transplant surgeon, I would like to see hair cloning become a possibility. Too often I am forced to tell patients that they just don’t have the donor hair to cover the area without hair. If hair cloning were possible, patients would not be limited to the supply of their donor area and would be able to cover larger areas without scarring or depleting the density of their donor area. This is what keeps the hair cloning studies alive. Unfortunately many of the studies have failed. This is because hair follicles and it’s DNA are too complex. Recently, researchers showed that the lower part of human hair follicle can be isolated and injected into the skin of another to promote an new hair. Although this is technically not cloning, however it does show that the transfer of DNA material can happen. I am constantly reviewing published articles relating to cloning. Unfortunately, there are still many problems that have not been addressed. First, which part of the hair follicle can best be useful cloning. Second what solution would be ideal to keep the grafts out of the body. Third, how we can successfully culture these graphs out of the body. Fourth, in what ways must grafts be injected into the skin to create a successful and consistent growth. Recent mouse studies have shown patches of hair growing in an isolated location. Though promising, the quality, density and life of the grafts are in question. Until these questions are answered, the only solution is hair transpl antation using one’s own hair from the back of the scalp .My consultant (Marc) has been researching hair transplant for 20 years he says that every year someone tells him “you know we are five years away from cloning, I’ll just wait for that.” For those who do not want to wait, hair transplant surgery is the best option. Though hair transplant has it’s limitations with density and coverage, a doctor who designs a conservative hairline can give a patient good coverage without running out of grafts or hair follicles. One of the keys to successful hair transplant include; Very conservative approach to hairline design. I like to start a hairline at 8 1/2 cm. Picture shows a conservative hairline design. About 2,000 grafts were implanted. Results after one session. If a patient adequately does the scalp stretching exercise, the maximum number of grafts can be extracted while still enabling the Dr. performing the strip procedure to close the area without leaving a large scar. Until cloning is available, hair transplants with a conservative approach and the scalp stretching exercise is the best way to achieve coverage and density. Hair Cloning Los Angeles Picture shows a conservative hairline design. ABout 2,000 grafts were implanted. Results after one session. I do not like round hairlines as they utilize a lot of grafts. I’d like to use it V-shaped hairlines with a small peak (please see picture above). This looks very natural and and age-appropriate. I like to have all my patients to do at least three weeks of scalp exercise to minimize scarring in the back and also allows which get the maximum number of grafts as possible. Please check out the video below for an example of a scalp exercise:
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